Danny Brooks

Danny and Kristen Brooks served the Lord together at Heritage Bible Church in Greer, SC for nearly 25 years. Danny began as youth pastor in 1992 and then in 1998 became the lead preaching pastor. Ministering the Word of God, both publically and privately, is his greatest joy. He believes Jesus Christ changes everything in our lives when we truly see Him as He is. Kristen is a committed follower of Jesus, a wife, and a mom. The home is not only a place where she perfects her culinary skills, but makes a hospitable welcome for everyone who enters. In addition to the priority of caring for her family, she loves serving the church in a variety of ways from teaching ladies’ classes to serving in children’s ministry. The Brooks have four children: Luke (22), Kate (19), Hailey (17), and Seth (15). Their personal interests range from soccer and art to music and friends. Family life is complicated at the moment, with Luke & Kate remaining in SC while everyone else, including their German shepherd Bristol, has moved to Utah. But following Jesus’ leading to Salt Lake City has been one of the most joyful, rewarding, and faith-building family experiences they have known. They are excited to serve together in the revitalization effort in Riverton.


Matt Parker

Matt and Colleen Parker moved to SLC in 2017, after God perfectly led and powerfully provided for them to join the Riverton pastoral team. Matt and Colleen met at college in South Carolina, and were married in 2004. Following college and seminary, they have served the Lord in Indiana and Colorado for the last 14 years, where Matt was an Assistant Pastor, Bi-vocational Pastor, and Interim Lead Pastor. Matt’s primary gift is administration, while Colleen enjoys serving, singing, and caring for their family. In May of 2016, following many years of prayer, God blessed them with a redheaded joyful son named Timothy. The Parkers thrive on helping churches organize and grow, and they are excited to join the Brooks, Inafukus, and Kaminskis on the revitalization team in Riverton.


Daniel Kaminski

Daniel became the youth/children's pastor at Westside Baptist Church in Eugene, Oregon in the fall of 2009. Daniel and Kellie met in early 2010 and were married later that year and continued serving at Westside until the fall of 2016. They were gifted a sweet, little girl (Kya, age 3) in May of 2015. For several years, they were seeking a ministry transition and through a visit to Gospel Grace Church's plant camp in the summer of 2015, God made it clear that they should uproot their lives in Oregon and make Utah their new home. They did so in the fall of 2016 and quickly found themselves in love with the city, its people, and the ministry here. Daniel works as a kitchen designer and project manager for Craftsman Kitchens and Kellie is a photographer and cares for their daughter full-time.


Kevin Inafuku

Kevin and Misty spent the last 15 years on the island of Guam. Kevin started as Minister of Music at Harvest Ministries and then in 2010 he and Misty were married. Shortly after that, Kevin was ordained and became Pastor of Worship and Discipleship at Harvest Baptist Church. Together, Kevin and Misty enjoy meeting people and spending time in the Word discipling them to know and love Jesus with all of their hearts and lives. The Inafukus have four children: Mylia, Aryia, Misaki, and Azaia. The Inafuku family has a burden to one day return to Hawaii where Kevin was born and raised to plant Gospel preaching, grace-saturated churches. God has led them to SLC to learn team church planting from the Gospel Grace pastors while being a part of a strategic revitalization in Riverton, UT. They are so thankful for this partnership with GGC and so excited to serve with the other families on this new team. Though this journey is a different journey, the Inafukus are learning more and more about what it means to live by faith. What a privilege it is to be here in the Valley and to be able to share with people the awesome hope of the Gospel!

Stepping out in faith to follow God's will.


In 2014, through the friendships and ministry of Gospel Grace Church, God began to stir the hearts of the Brooks and Inafuku families for church planting in the Salt Lake Valley. The glory of Jesus Christ, the compelling need for gospel-preaching churches in the West, and the enormous opportunity in SLC caused us to begin talking and praying very specifically about planting a church together.

Early in 2015 God led the leadership of GGC and Pastor Lloyd Larkin from Trinity Baptist Church in Riverton to discuss the possibility of partnering together for church revitalization and planting. TBC is a small but strong assembly of committed believers. Under Pastor Lloyd’s leadership, TBC has been a faithful witness in Riverton for nearly thirty years. As we continued to talk, pray, and think about a partnership, the Lord confirmed in our hearts that a partnership for revitalization could yield a more effective ministry both now and into the years ahead. And so in December of 2017 GGC and TBC entered a formal gospel partnership. This partnership will not only result in the revitalization of TBC, but will also establish the work in Riverton as a church planting hub out of which we pray many new churches will be planted.

As these plans were developing, other believers began to hear about the opportunity and responded to the Lord’s leading to move into the valley. In the late summer of 2016 God led Dan and Kellie Kaminski to relocate to SLC. As they heard more about the Riverton revitalization, they committed to being a part of the leadership team. Early in 2017 Matt and Colleen Parker began discussing with the team the possibility of moving to SLC to partner with the Brooks and Inafukus. Labor Day weekend they moved from Colorado to SLC to join the team. We are encouraged that other individuals, couples, and families are praying about joining the Riverton revitalization. Some are already making the move to Utah to join this gospel effort.

Our prayer and desire is to formally launch a revitalized Riverton church in the spring of 2018. Fulfilling the Great Commission in our community is our first priority, and then, as God allows and provides, to become a church planting hub that serves the greater Salt Lake valley. Our vision is that in the years to come we will build teams of church planters and invest our resources in communities that need a true gospel witness.

Many of us come from gospel-rich communities where churches stand on almost every corner, but such is not the case in Salt Lake City. LDS wards stand on almost every corner. Add to this a well-established secularism and the need for gospel-preaching churches is greater than most of us can imagine. However, God’s promise is that Jesus must be the first-born among many brothers (Romans 8:29). At the moment there are not “many brothers” in the Valley. How can God’s promise and the status quo of SLC continue? Why shouldn’t our generation be the one to pray and work in light of the promises and to see the Father bring many brothers to the Son? We’re committed to this work of revitalization because we believe God is faithful to His word and that Jesus Christ must have many brothers from SLC. May it be so!